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Congratulations! You are about Change Your Relationship With Alcohol. Together we will...

    • Build Your Confidence: You can do it!
    • Figure out everything about alcohol
    • Break the Willpower paradigm
    • Reprogram your subconscious: literally, change your mind about alcohol!
    • Overcome craving and manage triggers
    • Rebuild relationships
    • Have a fabulous Social Life
    • Discovering Sober Guided Imagery
    • Social Secret Model Recap and Reinforcement
    • Success to Thrive Sober 

Your Exclusive Bonuses

  • BONUS 1 6 Coffee Time Motivator Coach Sessions
  • BONUS 2 Your 30 page Discovery Journal and Workbook
  • BONUS 3 Join the Discover Community 
  • FAST ACTION BONUS 1 Time to Relax: Talking to The Subconscious Mind - HYPNOSIS
  • FAST ACTION BONUS 2 My Sober Life Coaching Workshop
  • FAST ACTION BONUS 3 'I Don't Want to Drink Tonight Emergency Recording
  • "Join me as I coach and mentor you through a complete mindset shift around alcohol so that it becomes insignificant, and you get back control. Take a break from alcohol or use the program to break free completely as I have done!"


  • Make alcohol insignificant and powerless when you join Discover. End the exhaustion of broken promises and regret and discover how great life can be when you take a break or break free completely.

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You've decided that change is what you want...

You've watched the Masterclass, or you came via my website...


You still have a few questions. I get it! I hear you...let's sort out your queries, so we can make a start. Come on! Let's do this...

  • I'm Afraid of Trying and Failing

    Everyone is terrified of trying and failing - we've been conditioned to believe that failure is something to be avoided at all costs, and proof of our inability. Those who are successful are those who dare to despite their fear. Success is built through failure. The Discover Sober Program builds your capability and shows you a way to succeed without the need for willpower, pain or fear.

  • Does the program teach me how to deal with friends and socialising

    Yes. This is often one of the biggest concerns for people. It is not necessarily how to stop drinking, but how to live in a world that drinks. There will be time dedicated to significant relationships, family and friends, and how to navigate social situations not just unscathed, but positively and confidently. This is all part of The Social Secret!

  • I'm not sure I want to quit drinking

    Many (most, all) sober people weren't either. This is the process we all go through. You don't have to be sure. But if it is worrying you, nagging at you, or making you miserable on some level, then you owe it to yourself to explore what a period of sobriety would be like, and to find out for yourself. This program is a voyage of discovery. You will learn and grow throughout the six weeks.

  • Will the program teach me to deal with stress, anxiety and temptation?

    Yes. You will learn why we are biologically designed to crave things that we need, and how addiction hijacks this. You will be given a clear process to manage cravings so that they diminish and disappear. You will have resources on how to manage stress in a more productive way. Knowledge is power in the battle of addiction, and that is what this program provides.

Still got questions...?

Can I Try The Program And See If It's For Me?

Yes. I offer a full 7 day money back guarantee with no quibbles. This means that you can try for free for seven days and get your money back if you are not making the changes you want in your life (I know that you will though, and I'm so excited for you!)


Can I Do The Program If I Am Still Drinking?

Yes.Yes.Yes. This program is design for all spectrum of women with a relationship with alcohol - those still drinking, those recently sober, those wanting to take an extended break, and those wanting to stop permanently. The program is designed to change the way you relate to alcohol, but also to equip you for living a life full of purpose and well-being. A life full of discovery and vibrancy and not recovery and misery.

Only you can know when it is time for you to stop, and the bottom line is that you are here reading this, so you understand that you need to change something and you are actively doing something about it.

NOTE: If you are in acute addiction and in need of medical help, this program is not for you until your medical needs are first met.


I Don't Have The Money To Do This

This is one a tricky FAQ, especially when we spend so much money on alcohol. An average of $3000-4000 per year, and up to $200,000 over a lifetime. Not to mention the other costs of alcohol. It is the return on the investment here that is important. You are investing in your life, your dreams and your future.


I Want To Get Sober and Stay Sober. Will This Program Do That For Me?

Yes. This program is about enabling you to live a vibrant sober life where you are fulfilled, happy and thriving. My primary focus is to give you the resources and mindset to keep discovering for the rest of your life!


Will This Program Help Me To Feel Less Ashamed If I Don't Drink?

Yes. This is a program about total self-pride and building a sense of achievement and new-found confidence for life. You will be oozing with pride. You will also be amazed by how many people are both proud and secretly envious of the 'new magic power' you possess!


I Need The Support of Other People. Will I get that?

Absolutely. You can join exclusive DISCOVER community of like-minded women, and share the discoveries, find support and care from other women in mid life who are on the same journey as you.

Let's do this...!

Your questions are answered.

You are decided.

You are nervous, BUT you are hopeful and excited!

See you on the other side of signing up!


Michaela x